The Sanitary Cold Chain
U.S. Shipper and Carrier Food Safety Management

FDA FSMA Rules on the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods

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Everything You Need to Establish and Maintain
a Sanitary Cold Chain

How to Get Certified by TransCertTM

1.  Download a complete TransCert package from the "Download Documents" page that includes
     our Master Document, Standards, Procedures and Sample Data Sheets- Click the "TransCert Services" link above.
2.  Request our free records records retention manual by clicking this link and completing the form:  Records Retention Manual Request
2.  If your people are not HACCP trained, go to our suggested HACCP trainer and consultants
     list or search the Internet for someone local to help you develop a transporter HACCP plan. 
3.  Develop your management and HACCP plan.  Get your sanitation, temperature control and traceability policy
     signed off and develop any procedures you will need if you do not already sanitize, clean, test and track
     your containers.
4.  Review our certification categories or ask your customers for guidance regarding
     which type of certification they would prefer.
5.  Ask about training and certification that is available from The Sanitary Cold Chain.
6.  Implement your sanitation and traceability procedures.
7.  Perform internal audits.
8.  Call TransCert for a formal certification audit.
TransCert Trainers and Consultants Are Now Available

Please click on our "Audits" link above to contact a certified auditor in your region.
TransCert Certification
The table below shows the TransCert primary certification categories.  All training and certification are provided by internal TransCert staff except the HACCP component which is provided by trainers and certifiers external to TransCert.
TransCert Provides Certification in the Following Categories
(Table Below)
1.  Individuals may be trained and certified  in sanitation, traceability or in both specialties. 
2.  Private or company owned container (truck, container) maintenance or wash  stations may be
     certified to sanitize and install traceability equipment.
3.  Companies that own or operate food transporting containers or transporting systems
may be certified in sanitation, traceability or both.  Such companies include trucking companies,
     air freight forwarders,
Training by the Sanitary Cold Chain
Staff from the Sanitary Cold Chain offer training courses at your site or on line.  We will train and certify maintenance station, shipper, receiver and carrier personnel desiring to be come certified ito our standards and your requirements.  For larger clients, you might find that our Train The Trainer program is more economical and will help you to establish a stronger company base.  Please contact us at:  and put "Training" in the subject line.
Recommended HACCP Consultants and Other Trainers

1. International Product Safety Consultants. LLC. - (USA - Seattle, WA).  Ask for Larry Keener (  and read ""Transportation: The Squeaky Wheel of the Food Safety System""

2.  RBK Consultants (UK)

Richard Bradford-Knox (

UK & International Business Management & Food Safety Consultant

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