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TransCert FDA FSMA Food Safety & Quality Compliance for Food Transportation Operations

The TransCert View of the World

When you sit down to eat lunch or dinner today, like us, most people will check their plate and utensils for cleanliness.

The TransCert view of the world is similar. Once food is cleaned and ready for transport, the containers that move the food through the supply chain should protect the food from adulteration. Perishable clean food should be moved in clean, temperature controlled trucks or in clean bins or trays.

New food safety laws such as the U.S Food Safety Modernization Act and European Union guidance documents are quickly erecting barriers to adulterated food carriers. Regardless of laws, no food industry member should transport clean food in uncontrolled dirty trailers or containers.

At TransCert, we have worked hard to develop assessment, training, audit and certification tools dedicated to maintaining a clean and temperature controlled sanitary cold chain.

Our Mission

TransCert provides the food supply chain with the standards, training, audit and certification support that carriers, shippers and receivers need to safely and successfully establish sanitary and temperature controlled transportation food safety systems.



TransCert and the Sanitary Cold Chain

We Certify Delivery Processes and Controls for Food In Transit

We are a company with a clear focus on helping our clients to provide the cleanest traceable food transportation processes in the industry.  We help cold chain food transportation companies establish the systems required to develop and maintain controls over their loading, unloading, in-transit and delivery processes.

As food moves from harvest to retail, it is carried in and touched by human hands, bins, trucks, pallets, shipping containers, cases and packaging.  The new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires that all items that touch food products need to be sanitized, temperature controlled, documented and tracked. 

We believe in safe and traceable foods and are focused on food movement processes that require sanitation, temperature monitoring and traceability.  We have extensive experience in both traceability and testing of pallets and containers used to transport foods, both locally and internationally. 

We believe in helping class A companies to achieve exemplary certification that places them well above their competition and makes them a highly desired food transportation partner.  
             Edgar Vargas

Edgar Vargas has worked in various aspects of the produce and food safety industries including microbiology, quality assurance, inspection and field auditing since 1995.  He is a strong minded individual who is heavily involved currently with food Microbiology in the fresh produce industry in the Salinas Valley CA and Yuma Valley AZ. This is where implantation  of Good Agricultural Practices & Good Manufacturing Practices  of Food Safety is needed. His specialties are in trailer sanitation, produce safety and sampling, water quality, environmental/ATP monitoring, food-borne outbreak recalls and cold chain logistics.

Edgar and his staff are proud to help ensure food safety during transportation processes.  Edgar and his folks test for and sanitize against:

/// Campylobacter /// Salmonella /// E. coli /// Legionella /// Listeria

/// e-coli 0154 /// 0157:H7 /// Yeast /// Molds /// Blood /// Salmonella /// EHEC /// 


Phone:  831 512 6267
           Dr. John Ryan
Dr. John Ryan is a recently retired administrator for the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture quality assurance division.  Prior to that, he retired from teaching graduate courses in quality, operations, project and safety management at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California.  He has spent 25 years implementing international quality systems throughout the U.S. and Asia.  He specializes in electronic sensor enabled traceability having started and tested the country's first RFID real-time farm-distribution-retail system.  He has published extensively in the food safety and traceability areas and is well known throughout the RFID industry.  His recent work includes international produce tracking between California, Hawaii and Asia using temperature and GPS tracking along with explosives and bio-contaminant sensors attached to satellite reporting systems.


We have two locations:

Salinas, CA:  P.O. Box 1290, Salinas, CA 93902
Phone: 831.512.6267
Florida:  700 North Leavitt Avenue, Orange City, Fl 32763

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