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TransCertTM University
Training for Carriers, Shippers, Receivers and
Perishable Food Transporter Loading, Unloading, In-Transit & Maintenance Operations

Our training is convenient, self paced and offered online or at a site near you.  Numerous certificate courses are offered to bring your staff up to par as new FSMA Food Transportation Rules are implemented and enforced.  Courses are outlined below.  Please let us know your needs by emailing

The TransCert Curriculum

The TransCert University offers a variety of training programs designed to assist shippers, carriers, drivers, and receivers of perishable foods.  The curriculum below includes our current course offerings.  All training is online, self paced and most training includes certificates of completion for trainees.  Please contact for additional information.


Drivers Must Meet New Requirements

FDA FSMA Mandated Carrier Compliance Training
Get Certified in 3 Hours:  April 6, 2017 Deadline

The final rules on the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods establish training requirements for carrier personnel engaged in food transportation operations.   Training certificates are available for these topics:

  1. Responsibilities of the carrier under the final rules (1 hour)
  2. Awareness of potential food safety problems that may occur during food transportation (1 hour)
  3. Basic sanitary transportation practices to address those potential problems (1 hour)

Training is available with and without competency exams.

Non Exam Version (Drivers/Loaders/Unloaders)

This 3 Hour, 3-Session Course and Certification (no exam) is priced at $50.

Call 808 469 0046 for large group discount pricing.

Enrollment link:

En ea
Competency Exam Version

For companies requiring that trainees pass competency exams, the price for the three module course is $70 per trainee.  Competency exams are recommended for transportation operations managers and supervisors.  An exam is required at the end of each module.  Trainees must achieve a minimum score of 60% on all three module tests to earn a competency certificate.  

Enroll at this link:

This training is not “maybe” training but is REQUIRED for all personnel engaged in transportation operations upon hiring and as needed thereafter.

This required training is now offered by the Sanitary Cold Chain and is available as webinars or in download packages for use with your employees.  

The FDA defines a carrier as a “person who owns, leases, or is otherwise ultimately responsible for the use of a motor vehicle or rail vehicle to transport food. The carrier is responsible for all functions assigned to a carrier in this sub-part even if they are performed by other persons, such as a driver that is employed or contracted by a trucking firm. A carrier may also be a receiver or a shipper if the person also performs the functions of those respective persons as defined in this sub-part.” 

The new law was published on April 6, 1016, which mean there is little time left for perishable food carrier operations to provide this required, certificated training to all personnel.

For information on how to arrange for this training at your site

Call (808) 469-0046

or email us at


The TransCert Curriculum

The TransCert University offers a variety of training programs designed to assist shippers, carriers, drivers, and receivers of perishable foods.  The curriculum below includes our current course offerings.  All training is online, self paced and most training includes certificates of completion for trainees.  Please contact for additional information.

NEW! Proposed Rules on the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods - $79

This course is offered at a significant discount for those who need a quick update on the proposed rules.


New! Driver Awareness of Temperature Controls (FDA/FSMA):  $189

For group discount information, contact:

NEW! Carrier Food Safety Problems That May Occur during Transportation (FDA/FSMA) - $189

Train Your Internal Staff For the Future

How to Sanitize Food Carrying Containers:  Preventing the Spread of Disease and Cross Contaminants by Containers Used to Move Food - $238

TransCert Shipping and Receiving Inspection of Food Carrying Containers - $238

Leadership Certification Training:  Transportation of Dood Safety and Quality for Shippers, Carriers and Receivers - $799 (11 hours)

Standardizing Transportation Procedures to Control Food Safety and Quality - $899

TransCert Internal Auditor and Audit Team Training:  Food Transportation $799 (11 hours)


Learn About Food Safety and How to Protect Your Clients

Attend our HARPC Practical Design and Implementation training on September 25th, 2014 at 1PM Eastern or 10AM Pacific.  Registration Link:

Attend our E.coli:  Sources Training and Controls training on August 6, 2014 at 1PM Eastern or 10AM Pacific
Sponsored by Audio Educator  Link At:

Attend our Cycle Time Analysis:  Cut Costs and Safe Time training on August 7, 2014 at Noon EDT
Sponsored by The Business Training Center


Sponsor the TransCert University

Receive Employee and Driver Training Discounts

The FDA will continue to establish transportation operation training needs over the next several years.  The Sanitary Cold Chain is seeking companies interested in providing sponsorship support for training in the refrigerated carrier industry.  Our plan is to establish a complete curriculum that serves carrier training needs under the name of the TransCert University.

In exchange for sponsorship support, sponsor logos will be displayed as on university materials and silver sponsors ($2500) will receive a 25% discount for all delivered training for a period of one year.  Any gold sponsor ($5000) employee or driver from your company will be eligible to receive this training and will be awarded a completion certificate if courses are completed within a two year period from this date.  As a gold sponsor, you will also receive a 25% reduction in the cost of your first annual certification audit. 

Advanced Training for Supervisors, Managers and Team Leaders
How to Standardize and Control Food Safety
and Quality During Transportation Processes

new 10 module training course is designed to help companies begin to understand how to meet their customer's food transportation food safety and quality requirements.  Beginning with a review of legal requirements and technological capabilities, the 12 hour self-paced on-line course covers international standards and is designed to help individual companies adapt and adjust the standards in order to plan and implement a perishable food transportation control system that meets their external customer requirements.  The course is also designed to provide management with a strategy for standardizing and controlling their company's internal food transportation operations with an eye on upcoming FSMA transportation rules.  Training is on-line, narrated and self paced.

Transportation Food Safety Leadership Certification Training
Become Certified to Lead Your Company

Sanitary Cold Chain is now offering a Leadership Training course for selected individuals chosen by their companies to lead new transportation food safety certification requirements.  If chosen as a transportation food safety leader, you will be trained to enable your company to meet new legal, customer and other transportation food safety standards and practices that require new container  Management, Training, HACCP, Traceability and Sanitation practices.  Training is on-line, narrated and self paced.



Internal Auditor and Team Member 

and External Auditor Certification

Training Information

The Food Safety Modernization Act Section 211 and previously published laws require food transportation to  establish preventive plans that include analysis of potential hazards, preventive controls, monitoring, corrective action, verification and record keeping throughout food supply chain processes. 

Development of the plan and implementation of these responsibilities fall primarily on the shoulders of internal auditors and internal team members.  External audits conducted by certified auditors are used to determine the extent to which planning and implementation have been carried out.  For many companies, these requirements are not new while others have a lot of catching up to do.

Now is the time for personnel responsible for in-transit food safety to begin the implementation process.  The TransCert training programs are now available.  Training is on-line, narrated and self paced.


External Auditor

Certification  training is now open. 

To become a certified external auditor, you must attend and pass tests for each of seven training modules.  You may register for these mandatory courses at the links listed below.  Internal auditor and team member training requires no testing.

Training is online, narrated and self paced.  The  descriptions below describe the modules required to complete all training.

TransCert Module 1A: External Auditor Certification

This Module is an introductory TransCert external auditor certification course. It is recommended that you take this module first. It is followed by Module 1B. Modules 1A and 1B provide an introduction to a number of important sanitation and traceability technologies to be considered in order to meet new standards. Temperature monitoring during transportation processes (trucking, air, rail, ship) are covered.

Please make sure you download the TransCert standards document when you begin.

This is a 10 question quiz that is required to pass modules 1A-6. You must answer at least 6 questions correctly to pass each module.

TransCert Module 1B: External Auditor Certification

Module 1B covers general information required to understand food transporter sanitation and traceability delivery controls. Module 1A and 1B includes a free download of standards, procedures and forms designed to provide team guidance while eliminating long preparation times.

TransCert Module 2: External Auditor Certification

Module 2 describes the basic system guidelines employed by TransCert to provide guidance when choosing which standards and practices apply to your specific company. For instance, a retail or restaurant chain may require full compliance to food transportation management, HACCP, traceability, training and sanitation requirements while a maintenance station may only wish to meet sanitation process control standards.

TransCert Module 3: External Auditor Certification

This Module covers standards and internal auditor checklist details, point scoring and other information required for internal monitoring and verification and for external audit compliance. The module is designed to provide internal auditors and team members with specific management and training requirements needed to pass normal external audit requirements.

TransCert Module 4: External Auditor Certification

This Module covers standards and auditor checklist details, scoring and other information required for compliance. The Module 4 container sanitation and traceability standards provided in Module 4 are based on international requirements for cleaning, testing and ISO requirements for traceability.

TransCert Module 5: External Auditor Certification

Module 5 covers standards and auditor checklist details, point scoring and other information required for HACCP planning and implementation requirements. Internal teams must blend transportation container controls into their existing HACCP plans or develop new plans from scratch. Module 5 covers the details required for both the HACCP planning and specific implementation phases.

TransCert Module 6: External Auditor Certification

Module 6 covers training for a paperless documentation system used for remote data entry and management as well as to capture other information required for audit compliance. The electronic documentation system provides “on the fly” data updating for internal audit teams and a also provides a permanent electronic filing system that reduces internal audit review and external audit and certification time.

TransCert Module 7: External Auditor Certification:

Prevention and Cause and Effect

Module 7 is a supplemental module that teaches basic causal analysis techniques. The module is designed for internal and external auditors and may also be used to train internal audit teams and other company personnel. Newly evolving HACCP requirements and the direction set by the FDA in terms of “preventive planning” require that internal team members clearly understand steps and procedures that lead to prevention.

TransCert Module 8:  Inspection of Food Carrying Containers

Module 8 covers the use of the TransCert inspection checklist used to provide internal operational personnel with basic data about the company's current container control system.  The checklist and instructions are included along with this training module.

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