The Sanitary Cold Chain
TransCert Transportation Certification
Is Your Company in Compliance?
TransCert FSMA Food Safety & Quality Compliance for Food Transportation Operations

Questions to ask yourself if you think “We are already certified”

or “We don’t need this”

or “We are already covered”

  1. Do you have food safety transportation operations covered in your Contract of Carriage?
  2. Do you have transportation operations standards and procedures specified between shippers and carriers in accordance with the Contract of Carriage?
  3. What test do you use to prove your containers (trailers) meet sanitation and temperature control standards? Visual inspection is not enough.
  4. Does your carrier certification require data that ties record keeping between container ID to sanitation and temperature control data?
  5. Do you have a transportation HACCP plan? (This is NOT a facility or food holding plan.)
  6. Which CODEX standards do you use to control temperature and sanitation when you transport food?
  7. Do your current food certification standards provide sanitation and temperature control audit compliance requirements – we have reviewed many distribution centers that are unsanitary but are “food safety certified”.
  8. What temperature is required to wash your trailer/containers?
  9. Is your trailer or container wash operation certified to food transportation safety standards?
  10. Is your washout water tested? Do you have calibration certificates for your hot wash systems?


If you did not answer “yes” to all of these questions, you will not be in compliance with new rules on the

Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods.


Contact Information
TransCert at the Sanitary Cold Chain
4660 N River Road, Site 110
Oceanside, Calif. 92057
Phone:  1 + (386) 837-7375


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