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Hartford Financial Services Group, is encouraging transportation companies to use temperature sensors on pallets and cases of perishable products.
The Sanitary Cold Chain
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Assessment, Training, Audit and Certification Services
for Shippers, Carriers and Receivers of Perishable Foods

The Sanitary Cold Chain TransCert System

                               Assessment at shipment origin and destination
                                                   Training for shipping and transportation personnel
                                                  Audits to determine conformance to standards
                                                   Certification to your requirements and federal food transportation laws

We specialize in helping to reduce the risk of food suspected of adulteration through all transportation phases. Our goal is to help  assure food safety for cold chain suppliers and importers.  We have representatives, inspectors, trainers, and auditors throughout Latin America to act as your eyes and ears. 
Our training programs are available in English and Spanish and are also available for your corporate and regional transportation operation staff.  Training is online, self-paced, reasonably priced and focused on helping you to install the disciplines and procedures you need to protect your clients and consumers.
The Newest Information on Food Safety and Quality During Transportation

Guide to Food Safety and Quality During Transportation is a new book by John M Ryan.

The book, published by Elsevier Press, includes FDA and USDA guidance information, standards and certification, and food safety and quality planning procedures to establish a foundation for transportation system prevention, implementation, standardisation, measurement and improvement.

Guide to Food Safety and Quality During Transportation provides a sound foundation for the improvement of the transportation sector responsible for the movement of food. While food safety agencies have been focused on producer, processor, retail, and restaurant food safety, the industry that moves the food has been largely overlooked. Ensuring trucks and containers are properly cleaned and disinfected, proper maintenance of refrigeration temperatures during transport, and avoiding paperwork delays are all areas of concern. Lack of government oversight has resulted in multiple, non-standardized approaches to food safety that are inspection-dependent,” the publisher says.

“This book focuses specifically on the food movers normally overlooked by today’s food safety auditors, compliance schemes, government agencies, quality control personnel, and transportation executives. It outlines delivery control solutions and provides basic standards designed to protect the transportation industry, as well as addressing problems associated with food transportation and practical solutions that are focused on container sanitation and traceability food safety and quality needs.”

The book is written for those involved in ensuring the safe transport of food commodities, including supply chain management, food safety management and quality management personnel.



FSMA Proposed Rule on Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food

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Proposed Rule on Sanitary Transportationof Human and Animal Food

TransCert testifies at the FDA hearing on the FDA FSMA Proposed Rules
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Sponsor the TransCert University
Receive Employee and Driver Training Discounts

The FDA will continue to establish transportation operation training needs over the next several year.  The Sanitary Cold Chain is seeking companies interested in providing sponsorship support for training in the refrigerated carrier industry.  Our plan is to establish a complete curriculum that serves carrier training needs under the name of the TransCert University.

In exchange for sponsorship support, sponsor logos will be displayed as on university materials and silver sponsors ($2500) will receive a 25% discount for all delivered training for a period of one year.  Any gold sponsor ($5000) employee or driver from your company will be eligible to receive this training and will be awarded a completion certificate if courses are completed within a two year period from this date.  As a gold sponsor, you will also receive a 25% reduction in the cost of your first annual certification audit. 

Donate to the development of new food safety and quality training programs for shippers, carriers and receivers.  Any amount is accepted.  Silver and gold sponsors are welcome.  Click the "Donate" button below.

TransCert University
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protected and in compliance?
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Our customized training and planning programs are designed to help you upgrade and standardize your company’s food transportation processes.  Review all of the TransCert training programs by clicking our Training link.

If you transport or cause food to be transported, standardizing and controlling transportation processes in order to prevent food adulteration is critical. Your company must have a consistent ability to meet customer and legal food safety compliance requirements.  Containers, bins, trays, trailers, tankers, rail cars, reefers, ground and air pallets and other food carrying containers for cleanliness, temperature control, traceability and management record keeping in order to meet U.S. and international food transportation requirements.

It is clear that food container tracking, sanitation, temperature and humidity control and record keeping are becoming supply chain issues requiring increased attention across all company locations. 

Introduce your logistics professionals to newly evolving standards and to help them to develop a customized system that will meet today’s logistics needs, satisfy your customer’s food safety requirements and ready your food transportation processes for upcoming legal requirements.

The journey from “Where do we start?” to “We are compliant food safety carriers.” begins with TransCert.



                                                                       Improve food safety and quality

                                                                       Meet FSMA compliance requirements

                                                                       Better manage the cold chain

                                                                       Protect your customers

                                                                       Build the best reputation in your sector

Remember Sysco!

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NBC Bay Area learned Sysco Corporation rented outdoor public storage units for years and used them as makeshift warehouses for raw meats, milk, and produce destined for restaurants and other clients across Northern California.  Sysco's processes were designed to save the company money.  Practices that jeopardize food shipments due to economic reasons are now covered under the term "economically motivated adulteration (EMA)" and are strictly prohibited by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FDA.

Watch NBC for follow-up stories involving TransCert and the Sanitary Cold Chain.
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"A Dangerous Game to Play"
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Then Learn to Lead Your Company

Sanitary Cold Chain is now offering a Leadership Training course for selected individuals chosen by their companies to lead new transportation food safety certification requirements.  If chosen as a transportation food safety leader, you will be trained to enable your company to meet new legal, customer and other transportation food safety standards and practices that require new container  Management, Training, HACCP, Traceability and Sanitation practices. 
TransCert Single or Dual Certification
Air Freight Forwarders, Shipping Containers, Rail, Truck Fleets, Handlers and Air Cargo Transporters
If your company moves food through the supply chain, cleanliness, temperature control and traceability requirements apply to you. 

Planes, trucks, rail cars, containers, shipping containers, pallets and all food holding or moving containers must be numbered, documented, sanitary, tested and traceable. 

Our Sanitary Cold Chain standards will help you to comply with newly evolving food safety logistics laws.  We award our transportation certification (TransCert) certificates to companies meeting established food logistics standards.  Once certified, your company may advertise your TransCert compliance status to customers demanding supply chain control.

To determine your level of compliance, click the "Contact TransCert" link at the top of this page and fill out the form.
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