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TransCert launches food safety training for drivers 
delivering food from retail stores and restaurants to consumers.

Food home delivery is an exploding market with both retail and restaurant chains establishing systems designed to provide consumers with convenience service solutions. Along with this new demand, it can be expected that enforcement of “last mile” food safety regulations may fall on city, county or state agencies but that the industry has the primary responsibility to prevent food safety outbreaks.

While consumers may hold the brand accountable for food safety failures, delivery companies and drivers share in product and process liability.

Whether the driver is subcontracted or an employee, the restaurant or retail outlet is considered responsible for delivery food safety.  This basic driver training will help protect company brands against potential lawsuits and insurance costs.

The training is based on the FDA Rules on the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods and industry practices.  The training takes one hour, is available on PCs, tablets or cell phones.  Basic transportation food safety concepts, problems and solutions are covered.  Training certificates are issued.  Driver food safety training is available at the following link.

Companies interesting in tracking driver training should contact

1.  Carriers - Finish Your Mandatory FDA Training Today

FDA FSMA Required Carrier Compliance Training:  April 6, 2017 Deadline

The final rules on the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods establish training requirements for carrier personnel engaged in food transportation operations.   Training certificates are available for these topics:

  1. Responsibilities of the carrier under the final rules (1 hour)
  2. Awareness of potential food safety problems that may occur during food transportation (1 hour)
  3. Basic sanitary transportation practices to address those potential problems (1 hour)

Training is available with and without competency exams.

Non Exam Version Individual and Group Training

This 3 1/2 Hour, 3-Session Course and Certification (no exam).


Call 808 469 0046 for group discount pricing.

Enrollment link:

Driver Training

We know that it is near to impossible to get drivers together for training.  We offer ninety minute certificated training for drivers.  This training excludes the issues that are required in our comprehensive 3 hour training session.

You may offer this training to drivers in two ways:

1.  Drivers may register at the link below.

PayPal Driver training sign-up link:  Driver Training Sign Up Link

2.  You may choose to proctor the training at your sites in conference rooms or training rooms, we provide the training certificates for each driver you certify have gone through the training.

Competency Exam Training

For companies requiring that trainees pass competency exams, the price for the three module course is $70 per trainee.  Competency exams are recommended for transportation operations managers and supervisors.  An exam is required at the end of each module.  Trainees must achieve a minimum score of 60% on all three module tests to earn a competency certificate. 

Enroll at this link:

This training is not “maybe” training but is REQUIRED for all personnel engaged in transportation operations upon hiring and as needed thereafter.

This required training is now offered by the Sanitary Cold Chain and is available as webinars or in download packages for use with your employees.  

The FDA defines a carrier as a “person who owns, leases, or is otherwise ultimately responsible for the use of a motor vehicle or rail vehicle to transport food. The carrier is responsible for all functions assigned to a carrier in this sub-part even if they are performed by other persons, such as a driver that is employed or contracted by a trucking firm. A carrier may also be a receiver or a shipper if the person also performs the functions of those respective persons as defined in this sub-part.” 

The new law was published on April 6, 1016, which mean there is little time left for perishable food carrier operations to provide this required, certificated training to all personnel.

2-Day On Site Management Planning Training

Our 2-day management training has been conducted in a number of major US cities with railroad, processor, carrier and packer attendees.  The training focuses on providing managers with compliance training certificates and is designed to lead them through the planning and implementation processes.  

The training is led by Dr. John Ryan, author of "Guide to Food Safety and Quality During Transportation 2nd Edition (see below).

For information on how to arrange for this training for driver groups at your site, call (808) 469 0046 

or email us at


2.  Maintain In-Transit Records to 
Meet Customer and FSMA  Documentation Requirements

The Container ID (CID) and Temperature Tracking
Food Transportation Manager (FTM) 

Check out our FSMA Transportation Manager Container Identification (CID) solution!  A complete temperature, location, sanitation, maintenance and reporting system for food carrying shipping containers and truck trailers.  The system maintains complete compliance data  for individual interstate, intrastate and international containers and truck trailers.  All data collected is recorded by time, date and location.  Driver enabled and controlled data entry at the touch of a finger on any Android device.

1.  Shipper Load 
Previous Load
Upper/Lower Temperature Limits
Loader Initials
Sales Orders
Driver Acceptance
Security Seals
2.  Receiver
Acceptance Initials
Security Seals
Accident/Reject Record
Temperature Acceptance
Inspection Acceptance

3.  Trailer/container interior Wash/Inspect/Test
Driver Initials
Wash PSI
Wash Temperature
Inspection Record
Surface Test Results
4.  Reefer Fail (40 codes)/Container Repair
5.  Temperature Recording and Tracking
6.  All data sent to the cloud in your private account
7.  Data available to driver, shipper, receiver
8.  Low cost
9.  Easy to install and update

Copy and Paste this link into your browser to subscribe:

Each driver will receive a free cell phone app to collect all data.  Annual subscription  includes individual trailer account with full reporting and data storage.  Call 808 469-0046 to register or download the complete User Manual by clicking the link below.

3.  Download Free TransCert Help Documents

1.  Container Inspection Checklist
2.  Shipper/Receiver/Maintenance Manuals
3.  Container Traceability Manual

Fill out the form at this link:

4.  Buy the TransCert Book:  Newly Updated in June 2017

Guide to Food Safety and Quality During Transportation:  

Controls, Standards and Practices  

2nd Edition

by Dr. John M Ryan

The 2nd revision of our book, published by Elsevier Press, is updated to cover the FDA rules on the sanitary transportation of human and animal foods.  USDA guidance information, standards and certification, and food safety and quality planning procedures to establish a foundation for transportation system prevention, implementation, standardisation, measurement and improvement.  Sound international guidance for carriers, shippers and receivers.

Click on the book image

Guide to Food Safety and Quality During Transportation provides a sound foundation for the improvement of the transportation sector responsible for the movement of food. While food safety agencies have been focused on producer, processor, retail, and restaurant food safety, the industry that moves the food has been largely overlooked. Ensuring trucks and containers are properly cleaned and disinfected, proper maintenance of refrigeration temperatures during transport, and avoiding paperwork delays are all areas of concern. Lack of government oversight has resulted in multiple, non-standardized approaches to food safety that are inspection-dependent,” the publisher says.

“This book focuses specifically on the food movers normally overlooked by today’s food safety auditors, compliance schemes, government agencies, quality control personnel, and transportation executives. It outlines delivery control solutions and provides basic standards designed to protect the transportation industry, as well as addressing problems associated with food transportation and practical solutions that are focused on container sanitation and traceability food safety and quality needs.”

The book is written for those involved in ensuring the safe transport of perishable food, including supply chain management, food safety management and quality management personnel. 

Available on Amazon & Barnes & Noble


5.  Ask us for a free copy of our management, preventive control, temperature/traceability, sanitation and training standards.

Send an email to and put "standards request" in the subject line.

6.  Develop your procedures, install your transportation food safety system and get TransCert certified 

The Deadline for Full Compliance is April 6, 2017 for many companies!
Call us today:  (808) 469-0046    EST

7.   The April 6, 2017 compliance deadline is in your rear view mirror.  

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